Survey Reveals 80% of Firms Use AI for Visuals, But 70% Fear Data Leaks, Plagiarism

A survey by Morning Consult which was powered by Canva found out how many business firms are using AI for their visual content. Even with the extensive use of AI in workplaces, there are still some worries that executives face. According to a new survey of 3707 business leaders, four in five business firms are using AI to create visual content. Even though these firms are using AI for their content, they are worried that they can face a number of issues. 70% of business leaders are worried about "accidentally sharing sensitive information" while the same number of them are also worried about plagiarism/copyright-infringement around the content produced by AI. 68% are worried people will confuse AI-generated content with human-produced content. 64% of them are also worried that the increase in AI for visual content can result in job loss.

AI powers visuals for 80% of firms; leaders worry about data leaks, copyright, job impacts.

Many designing and editing tools like Canva, Figma and Adobe have introduced AI features. Because of this, many companies are using AI for producing visual content. CEO of Klarna Sebastian Siemiatkowski said (in a deleted post on X) if we produce visual content with the help of AI, it can save $10 million on marketing this year. One thing to know is that marketing isn’t the only thing that needs visual content generation as it is also used in decks and proposals by sales leaders.

46% of the business leaders who were surveyed said that their PR professionals use AI to create their communication material while 96% of the leaders said that they are using AI to train their employees. Because businesses are interested in using AI, Canva has introduced its package known as Canva Enterprise that has all the tools and AI features under one subscription. Canva also says that due to its Magic Media Tool, users have generated over 1.4 billion images.

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