Google Tests Moving Link Cards To The Bottom Of AI Overviews For Enhanced Visibility

Google is carrying out experiments on its much-debatable AI Overviews feature including shifting link cards to the bottom for enhanced visibility.

The search engine giant says the goal is to make links more visible so that it’s noticed more often by the searcher, leading to greater clicks. In the past, the link cards were always found below the reply for the AI Overview, making them less noticeable when searching for results.

A series of screenshots were rolled out by experts who noticed the move to better explain how the new interface for AI Overviews would appear with this change on Search in place. Bartosz Góralewicz shared screengrabs on X made it easier to understand what we can expect when it goes live.

As revealed, the default version does not entail any link cards. If you wish to see them, you have to click on the ‘show more’ option. This goes on to expand the overview, giving rise to the link cards that are found at the bottom.

We can see why the Android maker is keen on going live with this new change as it can lead to content creators getting greater clicks and enhanced visibility which they deserve for their efforts and therefore ensure AI Overviews remains successful with maximal engagement from the users’ end.

Google did acknowledge recently how the feature is just a trial for now and failed to add more details on this front.

As it is, we don’t see any impressions from Google’s end across its Console yet but having more insights can really help to understand where engagement lies and how many clicks a certain link is getting. After all, true success lies in getting noticed and attaining maximal exposure, right?

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