Google Introduces Address Bar Shortcuts and Live Event Scores for Chrome Mobile

Search engine giant Google is making users’ lives easier with a few subtle changes to its list of Chrome mobile apps.

The browser for both Android and iOS will provide swift access to important data, and scores for live events, and also give users more information about what’s trending in the world of search across their Discovery feed.

The latest Chrome Actions is designed to present important tasks so they appear across the address bar on the browser and get activated when the keywords are typed inside. For instance, search has never been more convenient than now as shortcuts pop up across the bar when you need the address to a local nearby library or perhaps directions to your favorite coffee shop. You can even read reviews and use the call feature to make reservations.

The offering is currently up for grabs to all Android users with Chrome but the company says iOS users won’t have to wait too long as it’s coming this fall.

Meanwhile, Chrome Mobile will soon be getting shortcut suggestions depending on usage. For instance, typing specific phrases to reach a webpage will activate the browser’s memory and entail links so that next time it’s easier to find by being embedded into search suggestions.

As shown by a recent example, when you wish to look for schedules of the City Metro, one keyword is enough for it to instantly pop up through recommendations.

Furthermore, Google is enhancing users’ Discover Feed on Chrome for Mobile with the option to view live scorecards. Whenever Google realizes that your favorite sports team might be playing, it activates the Discovery Card to feature the live scores and it keeps getting updated automatically.

Last but not least, Google is rolling out Trending Searches that are already featured on Android devices but iOS users can benefit from it too. This is where you’ll find what’s trending on search before typing a single term.

Additionally, users will find that Chrome’s table address bar is more in sync with Google’s Material You design terminology. This address bar would also entail the current website in use at the very top that stays put and hence remains visible at all times.

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