Boost Productivity with Whatsapp Scheduling: Tips and Tools for Android, iPhone, and Web Users

Whether you are using business Whatsapp or the regular version, Whatsapp scheduling can save your time, manage your important messages and remind you of events that might have evaded your thoughts. Especially if you are running the business version of Whatsapp and have customers from across the globe, managing messaging to them could be difficult due to the different time zones. Whatsapp scheduling makes it easier to deal with vast varieties of customers and client by automatically managing messaging.

Also, messaging at the very moment might results in errors, which you find out later. It is far better to carefully and concisely type your message and then make it scheduled.

The scheduling allows you to concentrate on other tasks without the worry of communication and makes you reliable in the eyes of your clients or customers by keeping you in touch with them routinely.

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The steps mentioned blow, can help you with Whatsapp scheduling on your android, iPhone and PC devices.

Whatsapp Scheduling on Android

1) Install SKEDit app from Play Store.

2) Open settings and grant accessibility to the app.

3) Then Open the app and select Whatsapp and then choose a Whatsapp contact.

4) Type the message you want to schedule and choose the time and date of your preference.

5) Schedule the message by clicking on the schedule icon at the top right corner.

It's important to note that as per users feedback this app has some major drawbacks as they keep on complaining about frequent failure rate, too much intrusive ads, manual intervene even after scheduling has been done (that is app works just like a reminder if you don't allow all the permissions), and shady requirements like turning off all security functions (such as biometric verification) to make the app work. Which makes the app a lot like a "trouble maker" instead of a problem solver.

Whatsapp Scheduling on iPhone

Because Android and iOS are different from each other, the ways to activate Whatsapp scheduling on both are also different.

1) First, install Shortcuts app from App Store.

2) Open the app and choose automation from the last row.

3) Click on + symbol at the top right corner and choose ‘create personal automation’.

4) Choose the time and date of your preference.

5) Then click on ‘add action’ and search ‘text’. Select text from the given options.

6) Type your Whatsapp message to be scheduled.

7) Click on + symbol again and search Whatsapp in the bar.

8) Choose ‘send message through Whatsapp’ and a contact you want to send the scheduled message to.

9) At the scheduled time, the app will notify you about the message. Just click on the ‘send’ option.

Whatsapp Scheduling on the Web

1) Install Blueticks from the Chrome store and open ‘Whatsapp web’ on the chrome browser.

2) Choose a contact from the list and select the icon next to the ‘send’ icon.

3) Type the message and choose the time and date of your preference and then click ‘schedule send’.

This method has a major drawback that it only works when you've your browser and laptop/computer turned on, turning off your device or browser will not send the message.

Whatsapp Scheduling on the Business App

1) Install/Open ‘Whatsapp business’ app and go to ‘settings’ and select ‘business tools’.

2) Choose ‘Away message’ and then swipe the toggle in front of ‘Send away message’.

3) Choose the pencil symbol next to ‘Away message’.

4) Type the message and pick the time and date of your preference and then select ‘Schedule’.

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