Meta’s Latest API For Threads Enables Developers To Publish Posts, Fetch New Content, And Support Features Like Hiding Posts

The latest API for Meta’s Threads app is up for grabs and it wouldn’t be wrong to mention that the tech giant has done great in terms of sticking to its end-of-June timeline.

The latest API is for free and it’s giving developers the chance to curate unique integrations across the platform. Furthermore, the API would enable the arrival of linking apps owned by third parties.

The company released a blog post from its head of engineering on the app in this regard where they spoke about how users could publish posts through this API, fetch new content, and attain support for features like reply controls, hiding posts, and disguising certain replies on a post.

Insights added to this endeavor are said to be one of the most popular and requested features of them all in terms of API. Meta says it hopes to enable developers to work harder on this front and witness the figures of replies, lies, number of views, and just a general idea of how a certain post through the Threads app is doing.

The company rolled out a list of documents on this front related to how developers could get started through this Threads API. There is similarly an open-source version of the app that can be found on GitHub, in case you were wondering.

For a while now, we’ve seen tech giant Meta carry out a host of experiments on this front including tests for the latest API that was just launched by involving a small figure of developers.

All the test integrations have led to so many sites including Techmeme enabling automated posting of content to the app or other clients on rival apps to add posts through this means on Threads.

Right now, the goal is to view what developers can build in terms of the third-party platform via this latest API that is not linked to any social media management app. The current Fediverse beta would be assisting with this and providing users on Threads with access to the posts via Mastodon and sharing material through the app’s servers.

Right now, the beta in action won’t let you view followers from another third-party platform or give developers the chance to hide a certain post online.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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