The New Way to Advertise your Brand is Through Comments of Social Media Posts

Marketers are adopting new marketing strategies to attract customers by running campaigns in places where users spend the most time on social media. Many users love commenting on social media posts and about 49% of the users which were surveyed by the YouGov Study for March 2023 said that they always prefer a social media platform where there is a commenting option available. 54.2% of the Gen-Z spend their time on social media to like and comment on different posts.

Many users in the comments like to ask for information about a specific product (45%), according to a survey by YPlus in February 2024. About 75% of the people who were surveyed also said that most of the replies in the comment section of a post give best recommendations. Now brands are making their marketing strategies in a way that attracts customers through the comment section. Instagram and TikTok are trying some ways to implement strategies that can bring more engagement to posts through the comment section. Commenting on posts can also impact the number of followers on the account.

Brands are also trying to advertise their products through group chats. Many users have group chats on different social media accounts. About 53.3% Gen-Z in America use social media for directing messaging on various platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp and Discord. Brands want to somehow get inside the group chats but that is not possible. Meta is thinking of ways to further monetize WhatsApp. In a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg said that the number of WhatsApp users in the USA is growing rapidly and can reach 67.7 million by the end of 2024.

Chart: emarketer

Source: Analyst Forecasts 58 Billion Queries from AI Overview by 2024, $17 Billion Ad Revenue by 2027
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