Microsoft Confirms Users Will No Longer Be Able To Access Gmail Inboxes Through By June End

Software giant Microsoft has just confirmed how it is giving users until the end of June to access Gmail inboxes through its platform. After that, they would be barred from doing so.

The news comes as a plan from the software giant who mentioned how they hope to roll out better security arrangements. After June 30, anyone who wishes to attain access to Gmail inbox will only be able to do so by switching to Android, iOS, Mac, or Outlook for Windows.

The announcement was made by Microsoft recently through a blog post where the company highlighted the change and the deadline on this front. In addition to that, one of the company’s leading employees has even rolled out a host of measures being incorporated to ensure Outlook users remain safe at all times.

It’s quite like the announcement we see come into play at Google Workspace where users can access Gmail without any kind of authentication. This way, Microsoft would be ridding away any methods that it feels serve as threats to users trying to attain access to their respective emails, calendars, list of contacts, and even personal documents online.

As far as what new security arrangements are being made is concerned, we noted the company speaks about three major changes. For starters, getting rid of personal logins to Outlook accounts that make use of usernames and passwords, as the sole means for authentication. Next, ending the light variant of the Outlook web app is on the cards while the third mega change is ending all support for the app’s Mal and Calendar features.

We can see why the company is stuck on ridding away the old method of authentication and adopting a means that is quite similar to Google. Enhancing user security data is the key point here and Microsoft says there’s a surge in cyberattacks taking place that are based on emails and with time, they keep on increasing.

This is why the company hopes to take on more secure and modern methods for authentication so that all Outlook clients can benefit and remain guarded and protected of their accounts online.

If you ask us, it’s very logical and perhaps was a long time coming. Do you agree?

Image: DIW-Aigen

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