Apple's New AI-Powered Image Tool, Launching Late This Year, Marks Metadata to Ensure Authenticity

iPhone maker Apple is making sure users get the best of AI with the latest launch of its Apple Intelligence.

The company did a great job at marketing the endeavor at this year’s recently held WWDC and it’s safe to say the company has embraced AI technology in all of its glory.

The latest on this front has to do with a new and innovative app called Image Playground where iOS users can produce pictures from text commands. In the same way, they can give rise to a picture based on an existing one that might be present in their gallery.

The feature is going to be launched during the latter part of this year and is said to be a revolutionary endeavor for Apple Intelligence Suite. While there is a lack of details being mentioned regarding the app, we can confirm that the company would label them as pictures made using AI.

The news was confirmed during this year’s Talk Show Live where the Cupertino firm’s VP for software engineering added how iOS will mark up all metadata used for generated images. Hence, this way, viewers would be well aware of how the picture was curated by Apple’s Intelligence systems and not anyone else.

We have been hearing more on this front including how iOS would mark up metadata for all images produced. This way, anyone would be well aware of which images were produced by Apple and not another person stealing away credit.

The news comes to us after media outlet 9to5Mac confirmed how it would be based on code findings seen on iOS 18 beta 1. Another interesting aspect that we have to discuss has to do with the ability to generate cartoon pictures and not real ones. So this again is another great means to stop people from using such tools to spread misinformation.

As mentioned in the past, Apple Intelligence isn’t available across the iOS 18 beta. But as per the statements relayed by the firm, it would come out as a beta version before this year’s end.

As per the latest iOS code, we can see how users might be facing a waiting list so that anyone interested can enable the endeavor during this time. We must remember that Apple has already made it clear how it would be introducing a lot of its AI-equipped rollouts with time, and steadily, so we’re expecting 2025 as their planned estimate.

Seeing Image Playground be embedded into the system means saying hello to Apple servers galore and getting equipped with the feature soon.

We were more than glad when the tech giant admitted how AI would be free for all, or at least for now. And we do hope things stay that way. Nothing hurts more than spending extra cash on such technical advances or watching tech giants get richer through others’ pockets.

We’re going to pray things stay this way but no word on whether or not extra paid rollouts will become available soon. Some talk does exist in terms of subscribing to ChatGPT Plus via settings on the app. That’s one collaboration of Apple and OpenAI that many didn’t see coming. It’s major news for all iOS 18 enthusiasts.

The iOS 18 is available as developer previews while public betas on this front would be rolled out in the next month so stay tuned. As far as the official release is concerned, that’s scheduled for fall of this year.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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