Is Apple Paying OpenAI For Its New Partnership? Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Breakthrough Deal

The week began with Apple’s WWDC where the iPhone maker stunned the world with its new AI partnership with the makers of ChatGPT.

Many wondered how this highly anticipated deal arose and what the clauses were regarding this new agreement. Above all, was the Cupertino firm paying OpenAI for this new endeavor?

While there are not a lot of details being revealed in the public eye just yet, a new report is shedding light on how it’s now what many may have assumed. The deal has nothing to do with making more revenue. In fact, the iPhone maker is not paying its partner anything for this latest collaboration.

Neither partner has any terms of service that speak about money coming in from either end. However, Apple seems to be more keen on introducing greater AI exposure across its range of devices. And that is something it equates to value and more money in its eyes.

This new arrangement entails enhancing Apple Intelligence with the best that OpenAI has to offer in regards to entertaining users’ requests. We’re going to see GPT-4o be equipped with a host of writing tools.

The tech giant is not paying the makers of ChatGPT but more details on this front remain private. Apple has time and time again mentioned how its goal right now is to push the brand to millions of its users and that reach is equivalent to cash.

But what does this mean for the future? Well, Apple’s main incentive in the long run has to do with putting revenue-sharing agreements into play with a host of AI firms. Such arrangements would ensure Apple attains a cut from its AI partners that make the most of these results through chatbots seen on these apps owned by Apple.

The integration of OpenAI in all of Apple’s latest technology and products comes at zero cost for the user who chooses to opt in. So many GPT-Plus subscribers would get the chance to sign into such accounts to have the features unlocked.

For now, the deal supports payments for the latest inclusion into Apply with the company’s in-app purchase system. This has given rise to Apple making a striking 15 to 30% share from such subscriptions seen online.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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