Apple Equips Siri With ChatGPT While Opening Up Endless AI Opportunities To Other First-Party Apps

Tech giant Apple just confirmed how it was going to equip its systems with a vast array of brilliant AI opportunities and the first amongst many entails the addition of ChatGPT to Siri.

But that’s not all! The company hopes to have a wide range of apps owned by the company be equipped with OpenAI’s powerful AI-based chatbot endeavor. This was certainly major news and a serious highlight at this year’s WWDC conference that took place yesterday.

The company explained how it was so thrilled for this new collaboration that sees two tech giants uniting on one front most uniquely. Apple shared how it was still committed to giving users the safest and most innovative experience out there today. And these types of collaborations would make the feature accessible to everyone in search of advanced AI.

Siri would be asking ChatGPT for its expert advice when needed and when it feels it could be useful, the company explained during its keynote last night. For instance, if you require menu ideas or need help with your next garden project, don’t be afraid to ask. All you need to do is request Siri for help and that would feed the data into the app automatically and roll out the answer if and when permission to do so is given.

Users can use images alongside queries that are thrown in ChatGPT’s direction via the Siri assistant. Furthermore, you can ask queries linked to docs of any kind of PDF. Meanwhile, Apple has also chosen to combine the feature of OpenAI with a host of writing tools that enable users to curate content using the technology such as pictures or even requests for ideas that can be sent out to the assistant to get revised editions or any kind of variation.

The combination of ChatGPT with Siri would be arriving on all iOS 18 devices, including Macs and iPads, the company revealed. The launch would take place during the latter part of this year and would be free without the need to produce OpenAI accounts like one would normally do to use the powerful AI tool.

At the start, all the Siri assistants would be powered using GPT-4o which is the company’s newest and flagship form of Generative AI model.

On the other hand, we know that subscribers to OpenAI’s premium plans would be able to attain paid features that come with a host of Apple’s leading apps including the likes of Siri as they’re in-build now.

Many critics feel this is serious or major news. Who knew Apple who is so strict on privacy and security would ever reach a day that it would partner with ChatGPT? Well, in case you’re wondering. Apple claims all privacy protections are built inside such systems. So any request generated from the user’s end would not be stored by OpenAI while the user’s IP address would always stay obscured.

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