Analyst Forecasts 58 Billion Queries from AI Overview by 2024, $17 Billion Ad Revenue by 2027

Google is the world's most renowned and widely used search engine platform. With 3.5 billion daily searches, and 40,000 search queries every second, Google seems to know it all when it comes to providing information on plethora of topics.

To make the search engine even more effective with its functioning, the AI overview feature was introduced to answer people’s queries immediately based on the information gathered from the top results. For example, if you do a search on how to lose weight, then Google will give you a quick, specific answer on the general guidelines at the top of search results on how you can effectively lose weight. The answers that AI overview produces are mostly 3 to 6 lines long.

To give a clearer picture of AI Overview in terms of revenue generation, a researcher based in Wall Street, Dan Salmon, explains that, AI Overview advertising is expected to generate $17 billion for Google by 2027.

As per Salmon’s estimation, AI Overview is predicted to make $1.7 billion in the year 2025, which is less than 1% of what Google makes through its total Ad revenue. Nonetheless, in 2026 it is projected to touch $6.7 billion (2.8% of Google’s total advertising revenue). What's more interesting is that as AI progresses and years pass, it makes more money. For example, for the year 2027, AI Overview Ads will make $16.9 billion (6.5% of Google's total ad income).

Salmon’s estimation further predicts that AI Overview will produce 58 billion search queries in 2024 based on the Google engineering team's acknowledgment that their users have used the tool billions of times to seek answers.

Predicting AI ad spend is tough with changing business models. Yet, Salmon estimates that next year, Meta will earn $6.7 billion and Snap $686 million just from ads on their AI chatbots.

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