Visibility For Google AI Overviews Massively Drop From 84% to 15% After Criticism From Users

A new analysis conducted by BrightEdge is shedding light on Google’s AI Overviews whose visibility has massively dropped in the past few days.

The feature had a visibility of 84% on all queries thrown in the search engine giant’s direction when first rolled out. Now, that has fallen to just 15% and the matter is taking a lot of people by storm.

Previously renowned as Search Generative Experience, it was said to be just a trial of Google Labs but within no time, that trial was rolled out in full force, appearing across the search engine.

It started in the middle of April and by May, we knew that it was here to stay, thanks to the reports rolled out at this year’s I/O Developer’s conference. This is where the company made the reveal in the US.

But the criticism in this regard was full throttle, with many shunning Google for a feature that was generating not only inaccurate replies but dangerous ones that didn’t even make sense.

All information was later analyzed and shared with platforms monitoring Google’s performance in Search. And from that, it was amazing to see a vast difference in the visibility that we’re sure is going to make a lot of users happy.

You’ll mostly find the feature in specific themes like Healthcare, travel, and dining. You can even see it making predictions and generating replies for follow-ups. Meanwhile, there has been an overlap between AI citations and classic results. So what you’re seeing right now is Google showing users similar replies when it comes down to results.

Similarly, AI Overviews are rolling out follow-ups that keep getting better with time, at least that’s what Google says.

The company feels the process will only get better with time as the role of AI in search dominates and takes a new turn. We need to be well aware of how certain things are taking massive turns while others are getting fine-tuned concerning traffic, quality, and monetization. So that’s what Google is hoping for, a miracle that really transforms search and also paves the way for ads being included in between, despite a lot of people’s hesitation on this front.

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