X's Growth Amid Speculation: EU Report Reveals Strengths and Challenges

For a while now, the debate about whether or not X (previously Twitter) is losing viewership or gaining them has been taking place.

Third parties have been calling the app out for failing to unravel the truth on this front but Elon Musk and his team of executives are not bothered about what others have to say.

According to them, the app is performing better than they had anticipated and thanks to a long list of changes and updates, Musk feels confident that usage is better than ever.

We also recently saw an upcoming rival of X, Threads, take center stage in terms of the best alternative for the platform with higher monthly user stats and greater popularity.

Now, X is rolling out a new report that boasts the platforms’ record-breaking user stats with those in the EU. This new indicator has opened up a new realm of insights in terms of where X really stands.

As per the Digital Services Act of the EU, most big online apps are forced to continue reporting how their user counts in the region may be shifting to make sure transparency is at an all-time high.

As can be seen in the report rolled out in January of 2024, close to 62 million EU users (or 61.8M precisely) logged into the platform while 49.6 million logged out. This gave rise to a majority of 111.4 million users as a whole using the X platform in the EU.

The reports spoke about dips witnessed in the past year while this year saw slightly more people using the app with fervor.

X unveils updated EU user stats, revealing 111.4 million users engaged on the platform.

Average between February 1st - July 31 2023Average between August 1st 2023 - January 31 2024
Logged In X Users In EU60.9M61.8M
Logged Out Guests In EU51.3M49.6M

White it does indicate a bigger trend in terms of losing users, it’s not witnessing any major decline and people don’t wish to turn away from this platform in record figures. There is also very little growth arising.

As explained by X, people engaging seem to be spending a lot of time on the platform and the figure for daily active users has hit 250 million. The X app has a serious audience even if reports about expansion aren’t believed to be true.
We agree that it might not be like the 600 million user count that Musk had predicted for 2025 but the platform does not seem to be going anywhere, anytime soon, that’s for sure. Moreover, the strength of this platform seems to be coming from the likes of how it performs habitually. This includes sports communities and much more where connections ensure activity stands strong on the platform.

Changes like these on the X platform are said to be broader and provide greater room for political comments. While it might not mean a lot for some, debates on this domain are evitable as we’ve seen with time passing on.

So if you happen to be a part of those reaching such audiences, then you need to consider X as your next best option in terms of rolling out ads and marketing. This is no matter what your next opinion could be regarding Elon Musk’s project.

In the same way, X has spoken about how it wishes to enhance its advertising system and give people greater chances to flourish. And if you have the right audiences, there’s no stopping you from being a hit and getting the right sort of engagement across the board.

We can see how many can see this type of dichotomy as one that’s difficult. But the way in which Musk is flourishing today means big things. The app’s viewership is huge and no matter if it experiences a decline or not, one thing is for sure. The reach is there with great potential.

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