Success For Meta As Threads Surpasses 150 Million Monthly Active User Mark

It looks like tech giant Meta is on a roll after displaying its latest Q1 2024 earnings report that featured plenty of highs. And amongst those included its Threads platform which has managed to surpass the 150 million monthly active user mark.

While the app may have been created to rival Elon Musk’s famous Twitter, now X, platform, it looks like it won’t be too long before the app actually outperforms X in all aspects, provided this growth continues.

The app was available for public use in July 2023 and since then, we’ve seen it promoting the aim of giving rise to more positivity and creativity where users feel free to express their opinions. Hence, while Twitter may have been the inspiration, the platform has taken the shape of a space that many enjoy using and keep coming back for more.

Meta’s CEO has time and time again revealed how the main source of inspiration is to give rise to public chats on the app that are more enlightening and foster positivity. This is in stark comparison to what we’ve seen the X app become.

More people feel at home with Threads than while using X and that’s one reason why the growth in just a two-month timespan has arisen by 20 million users. How’s that for incredible success in such a short timeframe?

Musk continues to give rise to more confusing and vague stats for his X app and the manner in which usage rises is clear. But many are confused as to where this news is coming from as the evidence is very grim.

Nevertheless, Musk and his team of executives feel X is for those who want nothing but the truth and are turning to the platform to get just that, far from spins added by the media. But the real question is whether or not X is achieving growth.

Last month, we saw the app reveal that its daily active users are 250 million people and that is the same figure delineated at the end of 2022. This is weeks after we saw the tech billionaire take charge of Twitter, now X. From this, we can see that X did not get any growth at all.

On the other hand, insights provided by third parties prove how X is currently in a user decline phase. Moreover, other reports from app intelligence platforms like Apptopia shared how Threads has more users daily than X in the American market.
So Meta’s bet on Threads being the next best Twitter might really be paying off and this could pave the way for more chances and a greater expansion of the organization.

This might come at a later time than what many had envisioned.

In the past, we saw Facebook’s parent firm shed light on how it was not keen on bringing forward paid ads to the platform until it attained its goal of getting hundreds of millions of people to tune in.

However, the latest on this front has to do with ad executives reporting how brand partners need to bring forward more ads to the platform during the second part of 2024. And that makes sense because the growth we’re seeing Threads achieve right now could pave the way to further growth stats featuring close to the 200 million mark by late October.

Depending on this kind of trajectory, it’s quite obvious how both sentiments might be true but a lot of work is required still Threads and its executives are pulling out all the stops to achieve this.

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