Survey Shows 39% of the Americans have Stopped Using Social Media Just to Avoid AI Fakery

Presidential elections are fast approaching in America but many of the US citizens are confused about whether what they are seeing on the internet is real or if it is AI generated. Adobe did a survey of 6,000 people from four different countries and asked them about their views on AI spreading fake information on the internet and how AI deep fakes are becoming a bigger problem with each passing day. The results of the survey showed that many people are very concerned about AI deep fakes that now they have stopped using social media apps to avoid this issue.

Many social media platforms and government related agencies are trying to stop the spread of AI deep fakes, especially when it is concerned with content related to politics and elections. Adobe launched its own scorecard called Content Authenticity Initiative to create a label that can tell that the content users are seeing on social media is authentic and not AI generated.

From the survey, Adobe found out that seven in ten US citizens said that it is hard to identify AI from human content on social media. Nearly half of of the US citizens said that they have seen misinformation posted on social media by someone they knew. Respondents of the survey also said that they think videos and images are easily more AI generatable than text and audio. Four in five respondents also suggested that candidates who are taking part in political campaigns should not use any form of AI in their campaigns. The Americans who have stopped using social media just to not get fooled by AI are 39% of the total people surveyed.

EVP, general counsel, and chief trust officer at Adobe, Dana Rao, says that the results of this survey show that it is time that social media sites need to put more effort into verifying what’s real and what’s AI generated. The users should also be aware of dangers of deep fakes and what they should do to identify and avoid them on the internet.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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