Threads Overtakes X In Daily Active User Count

It’s not the sort of news that X owner and tech billionaire Elon Musk would enjoy hearing but it seems like the X app has plenty of competition to worry about.

A new insight by Apptopia is sharing how Meta’s Threads is experiencing a steady rise in daily active user count. Moreover, it’s happening to such an extent that we’re now seeing it overtake the X app.

Yes, Threads now has higher figures for daily active users in the US and how it is beating out its rival is proof of how things aren’t stopping anytime soon.

As revealed through a new report via Business Insider, Threads experienced an average of 28 million daily active users, and this featured stats from those who opened the platform at least once in 24 hours. This means we can see the figure averaging out to become 22 million users daily. And in case you didn’t know, it’s 21% less than that observed for the Threads platform.

To get more clarification on this front, we saw how the US market data was only included in this study so we’re not getting a far-fetched reality of what the overall market looks like right now. But from the looks of it, seeing 250 million daily active users arise with leading audiences across different markets means saying hello to a startling affair.

The matter is also a clear reminder of how Meta’s experiment for launching a clone of Twitter is finally proving to be so fruitful. And that is certainly not good news for the X app as time goes on.

While this kind of data is not at all bad news for the X platform, new reports from Apptopia also shed light on how the figures for X’s daily active users are stagnant with no change. Yes, it’s up from what we saw in December but that’s about it.

So we feel X is trying hard to achieve gains but thanks to the constant or frequent number of changes arising on the platform due to Elon Musk’s behavior, it does not seem to be getting much love from users.

We agree that we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves as this is just the US but it can now give rise to a great number of chances in other parts of the globe too.

We’ve seen the leadership at tech giant Meta mention a few times how it strongly feels Threads can transform the social media world and turn into the next biggest and best thing to reach one billion users.

This would all arise as the growth seen on the app continues to slow down from this figure. In no time, we saw it hit the 100 million mark at the start and that was a record worth cherishing by Meta too.

In the same way, how it boosted ties with its brother Instagram and now currently stands with 100 million members is clear evidence of what great things can be expected shortly.
When we compare it with the likes of Musk’s X platform, stats prove it has 550 active users so clearly Threads still has a huge mountain to climb before dethroning the former Twitter app but the competition is there and cannot be ignored.

But from Meta’s perspective, it might be taking the correct path and focusing more on all things positive including the best user experience. We do feel it could unseat X in real time soon and these current trends are proof of just that.

The fact that it is pleasing the masses by avoiding controversies and preventing the spread of politics on the platform seems to be chiming well with users. Similarly, its hesitation to promote content in real time is another factor worth considering.

So far so good for Meta and who knows, this is just what was needed at this point in time, enabling the Threads app to better shape up and transform into the most engaging app where users can benefit.

Image: DIW

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