Amnesty International Highlights Global Disregard for International Law

Amnesty International, a prominent human rights organization, has released its annual report. It warns of a serious breakdown of international law across the world.

The report criticizes the world's most powerful governments, countries and corporate actors for their role in this decline. It states that these entities have created an atmosphere that disregards international rules and values established after World War Two.

The report points out severe violations in regions like Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Myanmar. It blames powerful governments, particularly the US, Russia, and China, for leading this global disregard. These countries are accused of failing to uphold the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, resulting in severe consequences for civilians caught in conflicts.

Amnesty International’s report expresses concern over the actions of Israel and the inaction of its allies. These actions are the root cause behind the significant civilian suffering in Gaza and Palestine.

It notes the US's failure to condemn rights violations by Israel and its use of veto power in the UN Security Council to block a ceasefire resolution in Gaza. Russia's aggressive actions in Ukraine and China's support for military forces in Myanmar and its treatment of the Uyghur minority are also highlighted as major concerns.

The report covers the human rights situation in 155 countries and shows a worrying trend against women’s rights and gender equality in 2023. It discusses the suppression of women's protests in Iran, the Taliban's policies in Afghanistan that remove women from public life, and restrictive abortion laws in the US and Poland.

Additionally, the report warns about the dangers of new technologies. It suggests that advancements in artificial intelligence and mass surveillance could exacerbate conflicts, infringe on personal freedoms, and disrupt important elections.

These technologies, if not regulated, could be used to discriminate, spread misinformation, and create divisions among people.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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