Google to Fix Privacy Issues on Android TVs

Google has started updating Android TV software to prevent a privacy issue that could let people access the owner's emails. Android TV’s, which come with the Android operating system, usually keep the user logged into their Google account.

This setup makes it easy to use apps from the Play Store without having to log in every time. However, it also meant that anyone with access to the TV could potentially view emails and other personal information.

The problem was highlighted when YouTuber Cameron Gray demonstrated how to install the Chrome browser on an Android TV. Although Chrome is not officially available on Android TVs, Gray showed that it could be installed by downloading it from an online archive using a third-party web browser called TV Bro.

Once installed, it was possible to visit Gmail using Chrome, even though the browser is not designed to be used with TV remotes and requires a keyboard and mouse.

This issue was brought to Google's attention through a video shared by Senator Ron Wyden's office. Initially, Google responded by stating this behavior was expected and did not pose a security threat. However, after further consideration, Google has decided to address the loophole.
A Google spokesperson has mentioned that most devices with the latest Google TV software are already protected against this issue. Google is working on updates for other devices to ensure all are secure.

They also advised users to keep their devices updated to avoid such privacy risks.

For extra safety, Google suggests that users might want to consider setting up a separate "family" Google account for their Android TV. This account could be added as a member of Google Family, allowing access to apps like YouTube TV while ensuring personal viewing preferences and history are kept private. This is a good option for users who are worried about their privacy when others are around.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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