Exhausted IT Workers Reveal Shocking Survey Results: Is AI the Secret Solution?

A recent poll of 1000 US, 250 UK and 250 Indian based IT-decision makers found that 58% of the overall IT workers feel exhausted from all the tasks they have to do in a day. 78% Indian IT workers, 60% UK IT workers and 53% US IT workers feel too tired after they are done with their tasks for the day. On average, an IT worker can only support the tickets with 85% of their work capacity. 50% IT workers in the US say that it is easy for them to support the tickets while 48% IT workers in US and 46% in India think alike. 29% of the tickets are difficult to resolve by IT workers in the US, UK and India.

IT workers say that they also do many extra tasks in their organization in addition to tasks that are their responsibility. That is the reason that they feel so exhausted at the end of the day. 39% of the IT specialists also resolve cybersecurity issues, 26% resolve internal security issues and 25% address problems like lack of budget.

OnePoll conducted a study which was commissioned by GoTo and according to that study, use of AI in many It organizations has lessened the burden of many IT workers. 92% of the workers say that they are ready to use AI if it will be beneficial for their work. 94% of the IT workers say that they will give all the simple and small tasks to AI so they can work on more large problems. But 73% of workers admitted that they will not hesitate to give complex tasks to AI if it means that they will not feel exhausted at the end of the day. Workers believe that if they give AI some of their tasks, it can save an average two hours from their day.

The most common tasks that IT workers are starting to give to AI are monitoring network performance (44%), basic device troubleshooting (42%) and remediating basic problems (40%). The survey also found out that 71% of the IT teams are already using AI while 61% are going to adopt AI in their organization within the next twelve months. 48% of the IT workers said that they will be able to work on more high priority tasks after their organization adopts AI, 43% said ticketing workflow will become more efficient and 41% said that their IT team responsibilities will be affected by it.

When asked what the workers would do if AI managed their tasks themselves, 55% said that they will work on improving their IT infrastructure at their organization, 46% said that they will work on more complex tasks and 42% will try to improve the security of their organization. In the US, 44% of the IT workers said that they will improve the security of their organization while 48% in India and 36% in the UK said that they will focus more on professional development.

Image: DIW-Aigen

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