Why Some Buyers are Returning the Apple Vision Pro

The Apple Vision Pro, a new mixed-reality headset, was released on February 2nd. People were excited to try it out at Apple Stores. They liked its advanced features at first. But after a couple of weeks, some buyers are not happy. They are returning the headset, which costs $3,500.

Buyers express disappointment with the $3,500 Vision Pro, citing discomfort, weight, and poor vision quality as major issues.
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One big problem is its design. Farzad Mesbahi, a tech YouTuber, finds it hard to wear for a long time. It's not comfortable like using a phone or computer. Collin Michael, another Apple fan, also thinks it's too heavy. He says doing normal things like browsing the web takes more effort than it should.

Others on online forums have said it's not comfortable to wear either.
Another issue is the quality of the vision. Mesbahi says it's hard to see things clearly through the headset. Looking at a computer screen or reading small print isn't sharp enough. Collin Michael has trouble seeing the whole screen without moving his head a lot. He also finds it hard to see icons clearly when he connects his MacBook.

Some people don't think the headset offers enough new experiences for its high price. Kane Sutter, another YouTuber, says there isn't enough variety in what you can do with it. Some even bought it knowing they would return it, just to try it out.

Matt Schneider, a customer who enjoyed the gadget for social media video consumption, thinks it's too expensive for what it offers.
Apple hasn't said how many people have returned the Vision Pro. But despite these issues, Mesbahi, Michael, and Sutter still like Apple's innovative ideas. They might consider buying it again in the future if it gets cheaper and better. Michael said he would keep it if the price dropped to $2,000.

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