A Study Shows the Effects of Using Computer Headsets for a Long Time on Humans

A professor from Stanford University along with 10 other researchers wore computer goggles similar to Apple’s Vision Pro and did their day-to-day activities with it. The effects that eating meals, solving puzzles, and playing catch while wearing computer goggles caused were headaches, nausea, and discomfort. A researcher said that putting a fork in his mouth while wearing a computer on his face was too hard and oftentimes he couldn't do it. The research concluded that computer headsets shouldn't be worn all the time. They should only be used when the use of a computer, mobile, or television is not possible.

Jeremy Bailenson, a professor from Stanford University said that Apple Vision Pro is a good tool but only uses it when it's necessary. It is extremely bad for our mental, physical, and social well-being. Before the headset devices become widespread, the companies should tell the people about their uses as well as some of the big disadvantages. We didn't pay much attention to the use of smartphones and now they are actively affecting our attention spans, health, and wellbeing.

Vision Pro and Quest 3 are types of headsets that turn internet images into our physical surroundings. It's like a real-time video where everything seems real but it's not. After the release of Vision Pro goggles, many videos appeared on the internet where people were seen wearing the goggles while walking through malls and train stations, and driving cars. However, using Vision Pro while doing these activities can be extremely harmful and Apple warns the users about doing these. Bailenson said that Apple should work on automatically disabling the headsets when it detects that the user is driving or in a moving car.

The research by Jeremey Bailenson showed that when the researchers wore the goggles, mostly Quest 3, it distorted their surroundings and they started seeing humans in their vision as characters. This way they couldn't tell the difference between fake and real. However, after using the goggles a few times, the researchers adjusted to the sensory distortions. When someone is using the headset, they have to adapt to some changes that can cause some effects.

If someone needs to experience virtual reality, it is best that they only use headsets for 30 minutes. After that, they should take a break by drinking water and talking to a person. Eye exercises and walking to a target should also be included in activities after the goggles are used. But Bailenson said that he is afraid that people are going to misuse the goggles just like they are doing with their smartphones. He also said that using a headset is not free as it can also cut you off from the real world.

Jeremy Bailenson advises limited use of Apple Vision Pro to avoid negative impacts on health and social life.
Photo: Igor Omilaev / Unsplash / Edited by Digital Information World

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