Monetization Strategies for Apple Vision Pro Apps: Subscription Model Rising

Apple Vision Pro has been launched, and users are capitalizing on its potential. It has many opportunities for app developers as there are about 700 apps available for the new mixed-reality gadget.

Not all apps are free on Apple Vision Pro, so how are these developers making money? The obvious answer is that they can make money through subscriptions to these apps.

As per Ariel Michaeli analysis of iOS apps, there are about 1.2 million apps that would work completely fine on Apple Vision Pro if they were modified by developers to work on Vision Pro.

As per AppFigures data, 52% of apps on Vision Pro are paid and 35% are completely free to use. The remaining 13% of apps require subscriptions that help them to make money. If we compare this to the apps on the App Store, there are only less than 5% of apps that require paid downloads. The paid apps from the app store that have been modified to work on Vision Pro are 17% as compared to 25% that are free to use on the App Store as well as Vision Pro. 58% of apps that are modified require subscriptions for monetization.

The paid apps on the Apple Store are decreasing day by day and soon there will be no paid apps on the App Store. Apple Pro Vision should also try to decrease the paid apps in its store. The method of paying on paid apps is simple, direct, and authentic. But the developers cannot get much out of it. That's why apps with subscriptions are getting more and more popular. Apple Pro Vision is also going to have many apps with subscriptions soon.

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