ChatGPT Can Now Be Customized To Remember Or Forget Certain Things

ChatGPT can now be designed to be more customized in nature and we mean remembering or forgetting certain things in future chats.

The news comes after its parent firm OpenAI just announced a new test that entails memory controls for a tiny portion of the tool that’s up for grabs to both free and paid users.

The massive rollout will follow a particular point shortly but we’re not quite sure right now what that may be.

This new feature allows users to provide specific prompts to ChatGPT so that it can remember something in particular and you can test if it’s able to do that or switch the memory off as a whole.

The news was rolled out in a new post seen online where the tool was boasted as one that’s revolutionary in design and remembers what’s discussed in a chat so that more relevant replies can be generated. While chatting with the tool, users can put out queries for something to be remembered in particular so that users can notice all kinds of changes with time.

It’s not difficult to recall such scenarios where the tool makes use of memory and that would come more handy shortly.

If you wish to use the ChatGPT for recalling purposes, you can simply mention that to them. Moreover, if you wish to see more advice regarding younger kids like a kindergartner, you can even add more specific highlights.

OpenAI just rolled out a list of ways through which memory might be useful across business context like recalling tone, voice, and things like formatting preferences for a wide array of blog posts and languages where frameworks can be used for the sake of programming and more.

Customized chatbots designed through OpenAI models are said to have very particular memory. There are unique offerings like Books GPT that can recall which books are being read and which genres are best-loved.

But such memories would never be shared through the tool or vice versa.

The memory offering for both GPTs as well as ChatGPT can be turned off at any given moment in time through the Settings Tab. You can see and get rid of specific memories for clearing purposes.

Getting rid of any chat history will not remove memories from the tool. You need to get rid of it manually as the chat won’t eradicate the memories.

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