X Rolls Out Innovative Passkeys Security Feature For iOS Users In The US

It’s official, one of X’s most anticipated security features Passkeys is finally rolling out in the US.

The tech giant announced the news about the latest alternative login ordeal and great security option found on the app yesterday and fans cannot keep calm.

The feature would be up for grabs for those residing in the US, the company explained. And it’s one login option that’s not only simple to use but also secure as it enables users to log in to accounts with sheer ease.

As per the firm, the feature is said to be more secure than usual passwords as new ones keep being produced by the specific user’s device that’s present for every individual on the platform.

Therefore, through such means, accounts are less susceptible to harmful behavior like phishing attacks as well as unauthorized access, Musk explained.

This was created to streamline all sorts of sign-ins seen through so many devices. After the launch, the endeavor could be used to log in across various devices without the issue of remembering how to reset any forgotten password on X, it added.

Making use of the asymmetric cryptology feature after getting registered, the user’s phone will roll out two new and unique security keys for every account on the phone, one is the private key and the other is the public key.
When they enter the account, the device would store public keys to authenticate the user’s identity so the private key is requested to be shared, and that limits all sorts of security risks.

This is a feature that Musk has been discussing for months and was created from the W3C part of the FIDO Alliance. For more details, the app has rolled out general instructions for how to make use of it with ease.

But the sad news is that it’s only for iPhone users now and Android users would be required to wait as it’s only present for use when you make the respective iOS login.

With the growing number of identity theft cases taking place, it makes sense as to why X has stressed this for so long. And we understand where users are coming from in terms of requiring security in this regard.

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