Google Warns of Suspension for GDPR Consent Violations

Google has decided to crack down on websites that are found violating the GDPR Consent Banners. The development came into view when Google Ads maestro Thomas Eccel shared the screenshot of the alert on X.

According to his post, the search engine platform will issue a warning email to site owners who are identified as non-compliant. The email will also provide a timeframe, allowing the webmasters to fix the issues within the deadline. Websites that fail to abide by the rules will risk the suspension of their account.

Here is a quick recap of the rules for your reference.
  • Obtain consent from EU and UK users for using cookies.
  • Get approval for collecting, sharing, and using personal data for ad personalization.
  • Clearly disclose your data collection policies.
  • Ensure easy access to information about how these parties will use the personal data.
Make sure you follow the rules set by Google and GDPR to protect your website and credibility. Good luck!

Google Cracks Down on GDPR Violations: Warning Emails Sent to Non-Compliant Websites
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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