Apple Pays Russia $12M After Being Fined For Abusing Its Dominant Market Position

Russia’s current President Putin has escalated the crackdown on a host of foreign tech giants and as this happens, he has forced some to move out. But others wish to stay put and are ready to combat all the curveballs thrown in his direction.

This includes iPhone maker Apple who has opted to pay a staggering multi-million dollar fine and will continue to operate this at the App Store across the nation. For those who might not be aware, Apple is the biggest company across the globe that has paid the heaviest fine for being deemed as an abusive market player whose mighty position rids competition of all others in the industry.

For now, the American firm isn’t commenting on this matter but they have previously spoken about how they are going to disagree respectfully after a giant FAS ruling took center stage. This meant Apple’s distribution for apps across the iOS market system would dominate and it chose to allow all of its goods and services to function, reminding the world of how it’s a giant and has a bigger advantage against all others in the industry.

We saw how the funds were rolled out by the Cupertino firm and directly sent to the country’s federal budget as the Russian government picked up the pace in terms of an invasion of Ukraine. The country has rolled out funds comprising one-third of its yearly budget in defense spending and when it comes to social spending, it’s getting just one-fifth of that.

As per reports from the Financial Times, you’d have to pay the fines rolled out by the country’s government by accepting approval from the American Treasury Office for all Foreign Assets.

For a while now, Apple has yet to sell any physical products in the country since it took up the Ukrainian invasion at the start of 2022. But the App Store and several subscription services continue to operate as we speak.

The company deleted several apps linked to Russian propaganda outlets as well as sanctioned a few banks in this regard as well through the store. However, the citizens can still access the new iPhones with ease through third-world nations like Turkey or the UAE.

As one can see, many tech giants are feeling the pressure and feel this act is uncalled for, not to mention unfair. In March of 2023, the newspaper explained how its own national political officials were working to stop the use of iPhones. This decision was made taking security and online threats into consideration.

Several Big Tech firms were facing fines, time and time again, thanks to Russian regulators. We even saw in July of 2022 when a Russian court fined search engine giant Google a whopping 21 billion roubles after it did not get rid of illegal content arising on the platform. And in case you happen to be wondering what this illegal part pertains to, it’s related to the country’s war-torn reality where it continues to attack Ukraine unjustly.

Apple defiant in Russia, pays hefty fine amid tech crackdown, vowing to maintain App Store operations.
Photo: Digital Information World - AIgen

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