Top Politicians Accused Of Using Extreme Weather Events To Promote Climate Change Misinformation, New Study Reveals

Climate change has been a subject of debate for years and the fact that many tech giants have been called out for not doing enough to curb misinformation regarding it cannot be denied either.

But keeping that same theme in mind, a new study is accusing some of the world’s leading politicians and their respective followers of passing out misinformation whenever serious natural disasters strike.

The report in question comes with alarming figures and is worth mentioning because of the fact that close to a million individuals situated in places like Latin America and even the Caribbean region were forced to leave their homes in 2021 after getting displaced due to the worst form of climate change imaginable.

Seeing not enough attention being generated on the matter was even more disheartening as a lack of policies surrounding the subject led to greater chaos and misery and can even cause bigger displacement, the study added that was published last week.

In terms of the bigger picture, misinformation on the topic is peaking in various locations around the globe after so many weather events took center stage. So many top-of-the-line researchers looked at the extreme weather events in Latin America for instance and compared it to what was seen this year and the destruction from the previous one.

The latest report was launched on Wednesday where experts took into consideration nearly 14 extreme weather-related catastrophes like cyclones leading to flooding in Rio Grande where casualties included 40 people, not to mention major damage to the area.

Without giving the matter a second thought, top lawmakers and influencers in the country blamed the matter of flooding on poor infrastructure such as irreparable dams, and that false matter spread at the speed of light in no time.

They did not even provide evidence and since they’re big names in the industry, people did not even blink an eye before believing everything they had to say. Then we heard about wildfires hitting Chile during that time as well and again, the blame game began where accusations headed in the direction of arson instead of massive drought that really led to the destruction of forest fires.

Authorities were hence seen arresting individuals that they felt were involved in the crime, accusing them of carrying out fire-related crimes but top research experts proved how there was more than meets the eye, citing climate change and its associated drought that caused wildfires to arise.

So as this study proved, climate change and the world of politics go together so well that it’s scary to assume how such a serious topic is pushing curbs without ever thinking about the consequences it is having on the world.

Many have gone as far as calling the act out as weaponizing climate change events to try and launch an attack against people having opposite political views. And nothing can be worse than it arising at the cost of humanity.

Brazil is one of the leading nations of Latin America and it’s all set to play a key role with its attendance at COP28 where the president’s major objectives involve environmental policies that serve as cornerstones for his terms as a leader of the country.

The scheduled conference will arise in Dubai and seeing him be one of the top advocates for the need to do more to assist with the hazards of climate change is proof of how there are people that do exist and wish to find a solution instead of turning a blind matter to the matter.

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