ChatGPT Celebrates Its First Anniversary With A Bang As Revenue Hits $30M With 110M Mobile App Downloads

As the tech world gears up to wrap up 2023, OpenAI is celebrating its one-year anniversary for its revolutionizing ChatGPT technology.

The incredible offering has really caused a storm in today’s modern world and seeing it achieve nothing but massive success over such a short period is a wakeup call for many regarding no plans of stopping.

The anniversary is also a huge deal because ChatGPT is celebrating more milestones as we speak as revenue for the service reached $30 million recently while the figure for mobile app downloads attained a massive 110 million since the launch.

Now if that’s not what you call fabulous then we’re not quite sure what is, experts recall.

What the firm may have rolled out as a preview for research turned out to be a popular sensation for everyday use and seeing AI technology entering into the realms of mainstream usage signals big things.

A huge part of such efforts has to do with the fact that ChatGPT is now up for grabs through a click of a button on mobile phones. So you download it and make the most of it. Remember, the leading mobile app was first rolled out for iPhone users in May and the response blew the company’s mind.

So many more users had greater access to the service, not to mention the huge rollout in July for Android devices too. To celebrate the mega one-year anniversary of the incredible technology, the latest stats on this front prove how nothing can be better than seeing consumer spending at its peak as per DataAI’s recent mobile intelligence study.

The firm’s mobile apps are really making big bucks, especially after the rollout of ChatGPT Plus whose subscription through in-app purchases is another milestone altogether. For nearly $20, users get a wide array of perks that entail major access at peak moments, not to mention quicker replies when on the go, and immediate access to the latest list of features and enhancements.

But it was not just locally that the uproar was heard. We saw it go international too in February of this year and people all praised OpenAI’s efforts in this regard. But we have to remind many that it’s not as cheap as your everyday in-app buy.

It actually is worth so much more than any kind of music or streaming service found today. But the fact that so many people have great interest in services like ChatGPS Plus continues to remind many that they might be doing something right.

The apps from ChatGPT have surpassed the $28 million mark in terms of people spending across their smartphones but so many more people were seemingly likely to be spending through the internet.

Some could have attained subscriptions via AI chatbot platforms while a majority would be inclined in terms of making use of the company’s API. For instance, we’ve seen demand peak for Poe which enables users with ChatGPT and other types of similar chatbots to play using a single interface. So that’s what we call convenience at its best.

The data might fluctuate as we speak but that still does not remove the fact that it's one of the world’s best and biggest chatbots when you consider revenue. There’s tough competition as we just saw Ask AI edge ahead in mobile, putting out a long list of lower-costing options for exclusive features. It also has many price plans so users can benefit from something that better suits their interests and budgets.

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