It’s About Time Brands Start to Think About What Consumers Want When It Comes to Use of AI

The world is evolving at a breakneck pace, making it essential to adapt to the constantly shifting trends for our own growth. The tech space has changed drastically after the arrival of AI. A lot of people and companies are getting help from AI to grow their business. We all know that it is quite costly to start up a business nowadays, but with the help of AI a lot of businesses are trying to make themselves capable of the market. On the other hand, consumers are unsure about AI and have many doubts. If a business wants to grow, it needs to clear all of its consumers' doubts. But what problems do consumers have with AI?

When ChatGPT was released in November 2022, it reached 1 million visits in just 5 days. This shows that a great number of people tried using this AI chatbot to see what’s so special about it. According to stats, about 16% consumers used ChatGPT in February. Consumers from China aren’t included in this. In September, the percentage of consumers using ChatGPT increased to 30%. A data by GWI shows that 60% of consumers are happy about usage of AI and want to see what will come next. However, 71% of consumers are scared of fast growth of AI because they might not be able to keep up with it.

ChatGPT's popularity highlights consumer curiosity in AI, with increasing usage but also concerns about keeping pace with AI.

From beauty brands to sport retailers, everyone is using AI in one way or another. There’s a pressure about using AI on them to grow their business. When surveying regular cinema goers about their feelings about AI in business, 80% were worried that AI can affect creative people and artists. 73% said that they’d like to watch an AI generated TV show/film while 50% supported AI visuals in TV shows/films. 29% agreed to let AI write scripts for TV shows/movies.

Students were asked different questions and the results of this survey are as follows: 66% didn’t want AI to be used for cheating or spreading misinformation. 65% wanted to use AI for useful purposes like learning new language, coding etc. 45% used AI to gain knowledge as they feel like information from AI is unbiased and true. 33% of students wanted to use copyrighted material from AI without any legal issues. GWI also asked questions regarding AI from mentally ill and content creators. This survey was conducted online in several countries among people who have come across AI material on the internet.

This survey shows in which sectors should brands and businesses spend on AI to gain consumers’ interest. For example, not many consumers want AI scripts and want a human touch in TV Shows/films. So, a filmmaker should work on that. Consumers also want AI generated shows/films so it is a great time for filmmakers to experiment on that. Consumers’ interests do tend to change over time so brands should always keep an eye on what they want when it comes to AI.

Businesses, from beauty to sports, feel pressured to incorporate AI, yet concerns about AI's impact on creativity exist.

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