ChatGPT’s Web Traffic Is Back On Track After Experiencing Massive Dip In Summer Of 2023

Popular AI tool ChatGPT is breathing a sigh of relief after its latest statistics provided a picture of enhanced performance in terms of web traffic.

The news comes after the company underwent a decline during the summertime but today, it seems to be in the recovery phase of close to 10% from what we saw in April of 2023. The latter is where the AI variant peaked around the globe. We also saw results within the 4% peak levels of those seen across the US during that time as well.

Seeing such a massive improvement in the past couple of weeks is being applauded but most experts feel a lot of this credit goes to the fact that vacations are over and students are in full academic swing. Therefore, they’re probably making use of the AI tools for their sessions and also heavily relying upon them to get assistance for their homework.

This might also be a clear reflection of the great changes that its parent firm, OpenAI is making to better enhance the product.

Today, ChatGPT is still the leader in terms of popularity linked to AI chats and it continues to attract more traffic from different places around the globe when compared to others like Bing. The latter is astonishing also because this search engine is adding OpenAI tech so it can alter the whole landscape linked to user search experiences.

To better understand such trends, here’s a breakdown featuring the weekly alterations in trends including traffic toward OpenAI in the past week. It’s quite evident how during the past week, traffic is back on track of being within the 10% peak that was seen in April around the globe and 4% to that seen in the US region.

Every month, ChatGPT was peaking with close to 1.8 billion visits from all over the globe in May but then dropped to a staggering 1.4 billion, just three months after that. Slowly and surely, it started bouncing back from the turmoil in August as September saw it get close to 1.5 billion.

If things go as planned, we can see how this might reach new heights of 1.7 billion people visiting in this month alone.

When we look at the US in particular, we saw traffic drop down to 137 million in the summer as compared to its previous stats of 187 million in April of this year. Thankfully, it went up to 164 million in September, and depending on what we saw here in terms of traffic, we could see more visits of the sort causing a rise to 195 million in October alone, paving the way for more records.

For all of September, we saw ChatGPT get close to 1.5 billion global visits when compared to April’s 1.7 billion user visits. On the other hand, its competitor Google Bard witnessed close to 219 million visits during the same period in September which was up by nearly 20% from the month before.

But more important than Bard for search engine giant Google was the uprising of the whole SGE phenomenon ( Search Generative Experience). The latter continues to attract a lot of people’s intrigue as we speak thanks to Google Labs. Moreover, it really does seem to increase the whole pandemonium linked to search marketing when done through organic means.

So how exactly is the company reversing this decline is a question on so many ChatGPT enthusiasts’ minds. Well, the company certainly has one of the biggest websites to start off with. The latter has reached 2 million global visits in just seven days and then by the following week, that rose to 10 million. Following that very same growth pattern, we saw it fall it attain growth further, and that continued until the start of the summer of 2023. But now, it’s getting less extraordinary results but the growth continues to rise at a steady pace of less percentage each week.

While ChatGPT was first rolled out as a website, its conversion into an app is seeing promising results with great growth in terms of user engagement.

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