To stay competitive, humans could become part-AI, hints OpenAI's top scientist

Ever felt like your phone is smarter than you? Well, the top brainiac at OpenAI thinks we might need to buddy up with AI to keep up with the Joneses (or should I say, the "Jonese-Bots").

Meet Ilya Sutskever, a guy who spends his days chatting with supercomputers. He spilled the beans to MIT Technology Review, saying, "Hey, what if we kinda... merged with AI?" Now, I'm not talking about a romantic dinner date with Siri, but more like adding a dash of AI to our own brains to keep pace with smarty-pants machines.

Mr. Sutskever is out here wondering, "If machines get too brainy, where does that leave us humans?" His wild idea? Maybe in the future, we'll all decide to get a bit "bionic" to stay cool and relevant. Think of it as upgrading from basic cable to premium streaming.

Right now, he's working on a project to make sure AI plays nice and doesn't go all "evil genius" on us. But he's also scratching his head, thinking about how we can jazz up our own smarts. His verdict? Maybe we give the whole human-AI blend a whirl. But when asked if he'd go for it, he's like, "Eh, maybe, maybe not. Still thinking about it."

And guess what? Elon Musk, our favorite space cowboy, has also been daydreaming about this. He's got this company, Neuralink, that's trying to make humans and AI BFFs. But, there's a bit of drama (because, of course there is). Some are side-eyeing Neuralink's methods, especially when it comes to their monkey business.

So, what's the future got in store? Will we become part-robot, part-human, super-beings? Or will we just keep trying to remember our passwords? Stay tuned!

Illustration: DIW

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