Social Media Gets Creepy For Some While Interesting For Others As Meta Includes Labels For Its AI-Generated Profiles

Just when you thought the world of social media couldn’t get any more bizarre comes some interesting revelations on this front.

We’re talking about tech giant Meta who is currently making heads turn after launching a unique series of AI-generated profiles, 28 to be exact. These were first spoken about in September during the company’s famous Connect Summit.

So far, the initial launch of the profiles has seen some popular faces from the world of entertainment and they included similar looks of supermodel Kendell Jenner, NFL star Tom Brady, rapper Snoop Dogg, and more. It was bizarre as they did appear like creepy versions of the famous personalities.

Moreover, all of the A-listers on the launch pad are said to be receiving a whopping paycheck of $5 million for just handing the company the consent to use their face as confirmed by media outlet Business Insider recently.

The tech giant is making the most of those faces to produce the latest characters that have fans in a state of shock while others are excited to see what else is next. Remember, Snoop Dogg appears like your next dungeon monster while sportsman Tom Brady gets dubbed as a man named Bru, likening him to a brother. On the other hand, the world-famous supermodel Kendell Jenner is now your PR Girlie who seems to be a poster for movements like female empowerment.

But thanks to all of these new faces and personas, we’re seeing their videos shifting around in a unique fashion featuring the likes of frames in rectangle designs, inside their very own profile.

Yes, they look so realistic that it’s hard to tell the difference thanks to the magic and greatness of AI technology. But to better identify these celebs, Meta is going one step forward to better the whole identification process.

All of the content over here is generated through AI, the company added and now they hope to allow users to gaze at icons found on the bottom left-hand side of the picture. Moreover, the caption will feature the terms, imagined with AI and this was made public yesterday by the company after the profiles were published.

Meta just mentioned how it is doing everything to celebrate some great names in the industry. Be it creators or icons in entertainment, they want to play and really take embodiment through AI to another level, as mentioned in a separate blog post. So in the end, the content seen of celebs is really them playing a certain role or character. How cool is that?

One engineering lead from the Meta team explained to a media outlet on how the profile of rapper Snoop Dogg is actually the most popular one amongst CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Moreover, we also heard from the insider how the firm is seeing this unique project as a great way for interactions being done with popular online personalities.

Any user will be allowed to chat with those character profiles through its apps including WhatsApp, Messenger, and even Instagram. All you need to do is search for the Create AI Chat button whenever you wish to do so.

In the end, Facebook’s parent firm says it hopes to have all of these available via the likes of video. But still, the firm appears to be working hard on its rollout of character videos made using AI technology.

Remember, the current rollout of characters is just static but to add a more realistic or life-like appeal, they hope to imagine the same icons with AI video.

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