Reddit Launches New Keyword Suggestions Tool To Boost Ad Targeting

Reddit is rolling out a new tool called Keyword Suggestions that is being dubbed as the latest update in its Ads Manager.

The company says the feature is designed to facilitate advertisers in terms of boosting their ad targeting practices. Therefore, there’s a lot of hope attached that this would lead to enhanced efficiency in their ad campaigns as well as greater reach.

Reddit says the feature would really help users by saving their time for keyword research as most of the work would be done by AI. Meanwhile, having easy access to a new list of incredible opportunities for ad targeting could even mean greater chances of success in short spans of time for advertisers that may have been unsuccessful in the past.

For those still wondering what the tool is all about and how it can help them, well, it makes use of the latest innovation in technology to produce the right keywords. After that’s done, it ranks all the suggestions through Reddit views generated on a monthly basis and also filters anything that’s unnecessary as well.

The popular social media app just provided a greater explanation on this front by rolling out screenshots that highlighted the change. This includes how the most relevant suggestions would be launched and how original context related to every keyword would make sure that only results that are safe and suitable for the community are put on display for advertisers.

So when you come to think of it, it’s like letting AI do all the effort and simply the user clicking on the app’s posts and chats that are in line with every advertiser’s fixed set of requirements. Hence, this would assist them in displaying the most suitable ads to specific target audiences out there today on the Reddit app.

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