Microsoft Is Rolling Out An Autosave Feature For Notepad Users And New Snipping Tool Updates

Just the thought of remembering to save your Notes while using Microsoft Notepad is daunting. After all, you don’t want to lose out on any content that you’ve written.

But a new update to Notepad by Microsoft is giving users an added dose of sheer convenience because it entails a new Autosave feature. As the name says, all Notes will be saved by the system without users having to remember.

For now, a beta release was rolled out in this regard but the computational giant says it’s doing everything in its power to try and ensure a global release soon. It also means users won’t be bombarded with annoying boxes that keep on asking them if they’d like to save the document that’s opened or not.

Whenever you reopen your Notepad on Windows, you’ll be allowed to continue at the same point you left off last time. How’s that for a major relief and much-wanted update?

However, users will still be required to generate names for the files and save them whenever they opt to shut the tab.

The software giant also mentioned how the new rollout is optional in design and in case you might not be a fan of this added convenience, feel free to turn it off in the settings. But we’re still wondering why anyone would not make the most of auto-save when it’s being offered for free.

In other news, we’re hearing more about how the company is also rolling out a new update in its Snipping Tool.

A recently published screengrab highlighted how the utility will now be able to make video recordings of what’s seen on the screen while taking still images that are frozen.

At this moment in time, there’s no option provided in the toolbar for recording what’s on the screen. As usual, you can only screenshot what’s getting displayed. But thanks to the new update, you will be able to get the best of both worlds inside your toolbar, adding convenience.

Meanwhile, Microsoft claims this new update would also enable users to choose if they wish to make recordings of any voiceovers using their microphone embedded in the computer while carrying on with the recording.

The company also rolled out a detailed guide on how users can access it easily through the icons located for recording sounds. For now, the tool just has simple tabs for starting, stopping, deleting, and pausing.

But we may soon see the addition of these new updates making the toolbar a little more complex and cluttering in design. But hey, at least you’re getting the best of both worlds, right? And what’s better than greater convenience for free?

We love the news of these changes that come at a time when Windows 11 is up for grabs and more users are making the change. It’s also smart of the tech giant to roll them out at a time that would help users update without blinking an eye to Windows 11.

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