Instagram Is Getting Rid Of Its Cross-App Messaging Feature

The best thing about Meta’s Cross-App messaging rollout that was launched in 2020 was the ability for friends to communicate with one another through different Meta apps.

But now, the company has opted to end support for the feature that once added life to cross-platform chats between Messenger and Instagram.

The news of the launch was achieved with much praise when Adam Mosseri highlighted the benefits that it would bring to users. But little did anyone know that after just three years of its existence, it would be scrapped away.

Friends on Instagram could share posts with those on Facebook and vice versa but that will no longer be the case with the shocking announcement unveiled today.

The news was shared thanks to social media enthusiast and reverse engineering expert Alessandro Paluzzi. People wouldn’t be getting the chance to conduct chats with their friends starting the middle of next month, his screenshots proved. Therefore, any chats remaining would only have the option of being read-only. This is why users are now being urged to shift to either Facebook or Messenger if they wish to continue with their chats on the apps.

For now, we are yet to hear any more details on this front by the company itself so there is no explanation provided as to why the change is actually taking place despite many incorrectly assuming that it was super popular in use.

However, some experts feel that might be linked to the growing increase in regulatory scrutiny because when you partner two leading apps on social media together, it could result in a clear violation of anti-trust rules. This would be applicable in regions like the US that are deemed critical for such companies to function in and the last thing Meta wants is a violation.

However, no news about any antitrust violations or any investigation taking place on this front was spoken about. Therefore, it’s not easy to predict what exactly went wrong or why the company has opted to take on this bold step of de-linking Facebook and Instagram during this stage of the game.

Let’s not forget one more thing about how it’s worth a glance to see how Meta has really worked hard on bringing both apps together through this endeavor. The firm has allowed users to transfer Stories, pictures, and even Reels from one to the other with sheer ease. And people always spoke about how convenient everything was for them too.

Now, it’s going to be interesting to see what other integrations the firm plans on removing.

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