Google Launches New Security Search Feature That Blurs Explicit Content And Images

A new report by search engine giant Google is speaking about a new rollout that can help make the user search experience a little more better.

During the start of 2023, we heard more details related to how the firm had major plans to launch a SafeSearch that would blur out any explicit pictures or content through default means. And now, we’re hearing more on that front as the company says the change has been launched.

The post by Google that was published recently in this regard says it keeps the safety and security of its users as a top priority and therefore, it’s been on the lookout to ensure kids can be safer when browsing the web, especially in the Asian Pacific region of the world.

While the change seemed like it would be launched for that area first, the latest on this front is speaking about how other regions are getting the benefits of safer search with a global rollout.

These adjustments aren’t changing anything when it comes down to Google Search, other than the fact that the settings for default have more options to play with to ensure safety. Content that would come under the category would be graphic violence, sexual-themed posts, and also anything that’s sensitive. Therefore, whether the account is being monitored by parents, or guardians or not, the rules would apply. Similarly, if you’re not signed in or happen to be using the account via incognito mode, you can simply be carefree that the setting will blur any explicit material out of your search.

Google shed more light on this matter by adding how parents are now being given the chance to opt in for safer searches through restrictions for age-appropriate content through Google Play or the Family Link for its Search. But now that SafeSearch is getting launched, you can say hello to a default setting that helps filter out anything and everything that is inappropriate and outlined for mature audiences.

The setting that blurs content is rolled out for all users, the company also added today. So if you’re ever worried about your kids seeing something they shouldn’t or searches that pop up some of the most adult-themed content online, you shouldn’t need to break a sweat anymore.

But another thing to remember is how the setting can be altered with sheer ease. If some user is signed out or making use of accounts that are unsupervised, they can press on the turn-off tab for safe searches and even filter the graphic results to see them completely.

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