Google Chrome Introduces New Feature For Capturing Still Frames From Videos

Google is launching an exciting update for its users that enables them to copy video frames easily to get the best quality still. And that means bidding farewell to resorting to sketchy and unpredictable third-party websites.

We’ve been seeing the world’s leading browser make plenty of innovative changes ever since its launch in the year 2008 and this new endeavor is going to be welcomed by users with open arms.

Today, the browser has a whopping market share of 66% and that’s obviously the highest in the market. But since its debut, we’ve always seen users complaining about how hard it was to capture a still frame from a certain video post. But today, a lot is changing for the better.

One blog post launched by the company spoke about some top tips that viewers can make the most of when trying to capture a still frame. This is done via the latest Copy Video Frame initiative.

All users need to do is put the desired video on pause in the Chrome browser and simply right-click. After that, press on Copy Video Frame and that’s it. There’s no need to utilize third-party tools for screen grabs from such content online.

Previously, this was done through popular platforms such as YouTube where you would always have the player control in view. And you can now see why this is a very helpful addition from Google.

The need to make use of tools from other websites is gone and while the search engine giant says the feature is up for grabs right now, we fail to see it on any official website yet such as Chrome 116 or even Canary 118.

In our testing we found this feature in Google Chrome Stable (Version 116.0.5845.141) and Canary (version 118.0.5983.0), the "copy video frame" feature was working perfectly on YouTube web and videos uploaded on Google Photos.

However, this feature failed to work on those website where the popular browser’s right-clicking feature didn’t work or the menu had been suppressed for whatever reason.

In some cases this tool also loads the screenshots in the device’s clipboard, instead of saving files. This would capture frames at the specified resolution of the video instead of the computer’s monitor.

Meanwhile, other things mentioned in that particular blog post failed to serve as a surprise. But in cases when you need refreshers of Chrome’s many offerings in the context of domains and tools, feel free to go through it on the website.

Remember, Google has always spoken about how the Chrome browser is always trying to evolve with growing technology. Only recently did we see it bringing its reworking mode for readers to life using this style option and the Material You.

Other changes are up for a good read on the company’s blog post so if you ever get the time, we do suggest you take a look.

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