X Is Rolling Out A New Button On The Web App To Report Illegal Content From The EU

Tech giants functioning in Europe will now be offering more endeavors to help make the web clean of content that’s illegal. And one of the first firms working on this initiative seems to be the X platform.

Users will now be given the chance to report EU illegal content through a simple click of a button, as spotted by Nima Owji. And this is aligned with the Digital Services Act. Other tech giants will soon be forced into taking similar measures as this feature is created to help ensure users make the most of a safe and private browsing experience.

The news comes at a time when the European Commission expressed major concern about how leading tech giants and online platforms were simply not doing enough to report such illegal forms of content. Therefore, strict recommendations were sent out to companies to cater to this guideline or face fines worth billions.

It also highlighted how leading tech platforms should be more responsible in terms of governing their content. And this includes removing, detecting, and also preventing such kinds of content online at a swift pace.

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