Inflation Is Causing A Rise In Yearly In-App Subscription Prices, Confirms New Report

Just last year, most of us were witness to the global economic downturn and higher rates of inflation across the board. And that had a direct impact on the costs of in-app subscriptions.

Today, the latest stats on this front reveal how a mega 1.29% monthly increase in costs for mobile subscriptions continues to be on the rise. This news was shared by top experts from Adapty and we are jotting down some more interesting details regarding this front below.

When compared to the previous year, the yearly subscription prices grew a staggering 2.3% so where usual subscriptions used to cost $31 in 2022, today, they’re costing $45. This means publishers for these apps, as well as some developers, must think twice before adding new price tags to their products.

Overall, we’re going to see general rises in subscriptions for various levels and that’s deemed to be the most normal reaction of them all. Close to 51% of mobile app subscriptions arise from America and that proves how the nation is at the forefront in terms of in-app subscriptions for smartphones. And that is a clear signal of how it has solidified its role as one of the greatest markets for subscriptions out there today.

A lot of this is linked to the fact that most of the nation’s population is really well adapted to technology and its uses. Let’s not forget how the majority use smartphones and even attain simple access to high-speed online connections. Therefore, you can see where the superiority is coming from.

Meanwhile, another important point worth consideration is the average earnings produced by customers in terms of app engagement. The measure assists in determining how much investments people can make on apps without profits being outweighed by the long list of expenses.

These LTV or Lifetime Values are worth pondering upon for obvious reasons. Moreover, reports also saw bigger offers for those providing paywalls for a three-product combo. Most individuals felt it was more advantageous than others. And that’s why people found the price points to be appealing when you compare it with other options out there today.

As expected, paywalls for just one product seem to be the least interesting with users generating the least demand for this offering. Moreover, this might hint at how clients like to have options and feel like they’re making some kind of pivotal decision. Others feel it might have to do with price anchoring instead.

Let’s quickly summarize the key findings in three lines. For starters, the rates for annual subscriptions increased by 2.3% yearly, between 2022 to 2023. To be more specific, in-app subscriptions that once cost just $31 are now costing $45 and that proves how inflation is taking a toll on pricing trends.

Similarly, the study unveiled how America leads with 51% of the total market share for subscriptions of apps. And that reaffirms its dominance in today’s market. Last but not least, the optimal choice that most people resulted to was a paywall offering three products.

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