LinkedIn is Launching New Brand Partnership Tags For Paid Posts To Facilitate Greater Transparency

Professional networking site LinkedIn is working hard to try and give its users a greater sense of transparency when it comes down to paid partnership deals.

The app is currently in the midst of launching its own tags for a brand partnership where users are receiving prompts to come forward and include them in any of their posts that entail official partnership deals with brands. In simple words, any post that brings in compensation would be eligible to get this tag placed upon it.

Matt Navarra who happens to be a leading social media expert was the first to shed light on the news that he claims is going to be useful in figuring out which posts are sponsored and which aren’t.

His screenshots revealed how users can now toggle the option for Brand Partnership toward the post’s top, right beneath the username. And if you ask us, that’s a very unique placement as it seems as though that could be the post’s title. But in reality, it’s just a tag that the company is yet to provide a separate line for but who knows, it might be corrected with time as it appears quite odd.

When you see things through a more conceptual point of view, we can see how the platform is trying hard to aid in transparency more than anything else. Users should be aware of which posts the creator is getting compensated for through a paid partnership. And we can’t forget how the company is working hard to assist more people in bettering their presence across the app. Therefore, such initiatives do make plenty of sense, we feel.

The app has been working really hard in terms of bettering its creator tool lineup. This is designed to assist platform influencers create a bigger audience and really taking their influence to a new level. And the logic here is through such tags, more brands would be open to working with influencers that belong to a particular industry on LinkedIn. Moreover, it would assist in securing bigger and better deals while generating a higher level of exposure for targeted communities too.

During the start of 2023, we did mention how the app’s also conducting trials for innovative approaches through shared analytics. This would make room for those utilizing Creator Mode to put more analytics stats out there with firms through collaborative projects.

Moreover, such tags would then be an ideal step in this ordeal that would sooner than later provide chances for bigger collaborations amongst brands and others working through this app.

We can also see how such changes are linked to the upcoming DSA by the EU. This would entail a long list of provisions regarding transparency for ads as well on such social media platforms.

LinkedIn also mentioned how the new regulations are a part of the law which boldly delineates how all posts getting brand partnership tags would be available for search through members as well as visitors. And as per the latest DSA guidelines, ads searchability is an integral component.

There seems to be a major push that’s related to helping creators generate more focus on LinkedIn and make the most of the great means of monetization that are rolling out for their benefit.

So the end result right now is related to publicizing whenever you’re compensated for your content on LinkedIn through these new tags under Brand Partnership. As far as when a rollout can be expected is concerned, we should be seeing a launch for all the app’s users starting this week.

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