American Politicians Demand Answers From Online Shopping Portal Giants Meta, Amazon, And Others About The Sales Of Banned Goods

A long list of internet giants who deal with shopping and retail are now under scrutiny by American lawmakers.

So many politicians are demanding answers regarding what sort of approach they happen to be adopting regarding the sales of banned goods through their platforms.

The news comes after a letter was generated to firms including Meta, Walmart, Amazon, eBay, and others by the country’s House Energy & Commerce Committee. They seemed to be keenly interested in how such platforms are preventing sales of recalled goods and why more was not being done to prevent such actions from taking place.

A recently highlighted example was linked to tech giant Meta which failed to prevent sales of two kids' products from the known brand Fisher-Price that underwent a ban in the country and hence was recalled to prevent further sales.

We saw American safety authorities bar the company’s Rock n Play sleeper product that’s designed to help kids sleep as well as a Newborn Lounger from being sold. Both rollouts were called out in 2021 and new reports claim that more and more requests are being generated to have it removed as soon as possible.

Moreover, striking stats proved how the Rock n Play sleeper was linked to a growing number of baby deaths and that’s why Congress members feel that such health hazards need to be acted against immediately as they put kids at a huge risk. But seeing the reluctance coming from these online portals is certainly concerning as not a lot is being done to prevent the sales.

Therefore, the matter can no longer be overlooked and that’s why firms are detailing more about how there needs to be some more transparency in terms of what measures these tech giants are taking to block sales.

They are also asking for detailed reports about what other firms wish to do in the near future and if they’re aware of the legal measures that they could face for not obeying commands.

Moreover, the letter also shed light on whether these firms were willing to work alongside committees to find a proper solution for this issue. And the deadline for a response was delineated to be the end of August.

But one spokesperson for tech giant Meta highlighted how the sales for these banned products were not unique to just Facebook’s market. Furthermore, he added how the company takes such orders as a top priority and makes use of AI technology along with necessary investigations to highlight any listings that aren’t safe. And for that reason, it’s still willing to work side by side with authorities to solve the issue.

The news comes at a time when we witness tech giant Amazon being in the midst of its own antitrust case regarding how it carries out sales. And that’s why it’s under more scrutiny than others.

On the other hand, the tech giant also seems to be cutting back on its own shopping offerings to better analyze the situation and get rid of any loopholes.

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