New Study Claims American Citizens Want Advancements In AI Technology To Slow Down

A new study is shedding light on the current points of view of the American public regarding advancements in AI technology.

So many AI developers continue to argue that slowing down the mega-developments taking place at this point in time might not be the best decision. In fact, some go as far as referring to it as foolish behavior.

But that does not seem to be the way the majority of Americans think as revealed in this new poll. It proved how the general public simply fails to agree with the swift pace at which AI development continues to occur.

Another interesting point of view that was put forward was linked to most American voters not trusting tech executives in terms of how they intend to regulate AI. Moreover, a whopping 83% held the view that AI might result in some sort of catastrophe while 72% feel AI developments must slow down.

All of these points became a part of new research by the AIPI. So many respondents also claimed they held major respect for AI regulation by the federal institution.

On the other hand, 72% just generally wished AI developments would occur at a slower pace while 8% disagreed and wanted developments to arise faster.

Meanwhile, 62% were just generally expressing concerns linked to AI but close to 21% are overall excited regarding it, the survey showed. Similarly, 70% felt reducing the major risks related to AI should also be a task worth investing in but that needs to be a global task. Let’s not forget about some more risks including nuclear wars and the pandemic.

On the other hand, 82% of those who took part in the survey stated that they don’t trust these tech executives for AI regulation. The margin for support by a federal agency was designated to be 3:1. Other reports spoke about how AI might end up being a bigger threat than what most of us envisioned.

Such results are clear proof that Americans are awfully wary about the growing threats linked to the AI world on us all and that’s why they want lawmakers of the country to step in and ensure responsible development takes place.

Experts mentioned how the news of this study comes at a time when almost all of the nation’s problems continue to be polarized. Therefore, a general consensus does exist regarding the American public that it’s now up to the lawmakers to take a wonderful path and ensure things don’t go out of hand and instead go as planned.

The survey was carried out by YouGov and a total of 1000 Americans arising from various age, gender, and political stances were taken into consideration for this poll. While 42% said they supported former US President Donald Trump, the rest were keen supporters of President Joe Biden.

Experts claim is the first survey of its kind to be conducted by the AIPI which seems to be the latest think tank related to AI.

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