Here’s Why The Threads App Fails To Capture Users’ Attention And Gain Real Momentum On Social Media?

Referring to Meta’s Threads app as an absolute disaster would be slightly unfair for obvious reasons. But that does not mean we can go as far as calling it a successful launch either.

It does not take a real rocket scientist to realize how the app is failing to hold on to its user base, with close to 80% of them already gone and more making plans for an exit soon. The truth is that it failed miserably in terms of attaining the right kind of speed in the world of social media.

Moreover, one report went as far as suggesting how the figure for active users on the app continues to drop every month. Today, there are just 11 million individuals who stand by X’s clone.

The figure for users who are using the app was calculated based on stats linked to usage trends. It’s definitely very reliable and a sheer indicator of how many people are interested.

The data failed to entail users on iOS or those getting web access and that’s linked to the fact that you can’t access the app via a browser right now. Furthermore, a new update on the platform ended up offering several small additions including the chance to share Threads across Instagram DMs and another means to tag another person inside a post.

Mark Zuckerberg claims he’s not in a rush at all in terms of launching any big upgrades on the app. Moreover, he knows that nothing happens overnight and to create the right and loyal community of fans means staying patient along the way. He further stated that search features for Threads will arrive soon and we will soon have our hands on the web version of the Threads app.

But whether the Meta CEO realizes this or not, one thing is for sure. There seems to be something missing. This is the perfect time to entice Twitter users from walking away from X and resorting to Threads.

It would be wise for Meta’s CEO and team of executives to put out innovative features including those related to sharing videos and video chats. Now the question is if the platform will be able to survive when you’re getting instructions from a man who struggles when it comes to giving instructions for a firm that has been in existence for 20 years or so.

See, Threads is so much like Twitter that when you come to think of it, we do not see the purpose of creating any following on social media. Moreover, any post generated appears to be useless when you’ve got a platform that’s so established.

Just the amount of work required to keep users connected across the board is not easy. Some posts end up being duplicated from a series of other feeds. But when you just come to think of it, the real reason why this app seems to be dying is because it’s just not useful.

Sit down and think about what’s on the platform that makes you want to go back. For that, there needs to be innovation and things that are useful. You need real work to be done so you can connect with others. And when you’re dealing with a world that’s surrounded by plenty of distractions, you need to work harder to stand out.

Things done on a device end up being just a millimeter away from other kinds of distractions. Hence, it’s difficult to remain invested in things that don’t capture our attention or give any kind of value. The app is the new kid on this block but that phase is over.

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