Instagram Is Working On A New Multi-Ad Format Display For Reels

It looks like Instagram Reels will no longer be ad-free as the tech giant is reported to be working on a new multi-ad format display.

Some users are already seeing the new feature pop up as one digital expert also highlighted how the format features several ads that group together similar brands into one screen. And that’s displayed among Reels content.

While such concepts are not very new or unique, it’s definitely a change. Moreover, we first saw the multi-ads format get launched last year in October and that also entailed side scrolls for similar ads that are linked to user engagement.

As may be witnessed through examples, after seeing a particular ad, the multi-advertiser promotion gets displayed right underneath the initial post and it gives several ads depending on what your preferences may be.

The main goal seems to be linked to assisting more individuals to explore and put other products in comparison from several businesses at the same time. Moreover, such advertising units are up for grabs for selective placement across apps like Facebook and Instagram. It also provides advertisers the chance to get known by those showing interest in a particular product or business or product.

You can also find this kind of advertiser on display across the app’s feed and rival app Facebook’s Stories. Hence, it’s a little shocking to witness Meta making the effort to add it into Reels too. But it’s worth a mention for all of those advertising that is going to say yes to such placements.

You never need to enable ads for display on such a format but the app wishes to extend it into Reels. Hence, in cases where you do end up saying yes by clicking on the box, this is exactly what you are going to pay for.

It’s going to be useful, providing low costs, bigger volume placements, and also a fabulous idea for those that are currently engaging with such similar content.

But at the same time, you could also see less exposure and decreased performance since you are going head-to-head with a number of rival brands across one frame.

As expected, every brand would witness a new kind of response. But if you do click yes to multi-ad placements, this might be how it would be displayed on the Reels feed.

For the time being, we’re asking tech giant Meta to give out more details regarding the latest test for such a display. Moreover, it would provide more details on certain rollouts. But we’ll keep you updated whenever any changes or news regarding this arises.

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