Twitter’s User Traffic Takes Massive Hit As Meta’s Threads Exceeds 100 Million Signups

Twitter is not loving the success that Meta’s latest Threads platform is getting, not to mention how it’s negatively impacting the company along the way.

Today, the number of signups on Meta’s newest app has crossed the 100 million figure in just five days. And that has really caused Twitter’s user base to decline to a new low since the debut that took place last week.

The launch began in the US and slowly but surely started to get passed on to more regions, other than the EU of course. And we saw the app’s head Adam Mosseri announce how it’s a positive square for the public to come out and interact with different communities who were never real fans of the Twitter platform.

Today, more and more users are loving the app. And they’re just adoring how simple and non-fussy things are, to begin with.

Zuckerberg says it’s a positive finding and one that has also shocked the firm’s own executives as they’re yet to even open up the doors for promotions, yet they’re seeing such a wonderful response.

Did we mention how this figure is a clear representation of organic demand and in today’s time, that’s more than rare, considering the great competition in the market today. Zuckerberg released his thoughts on the breakthrough debut on Monday, adding how he is finding it hard to accept the fact that it’s not even been a week and they’ve blown up with more than 100 million downloads.

Unfortunately, the Twitter app is paying the price that no one would ever wish to pay. Recent stats prove how the number of figures in terms of traffic on the app is really going down for two whole days. And with time, it’s getting worse.

When compared to the same time from last year, the figure outlined for web traffic was nearly 11% down. And that’s major.

Twitter is not staying silent on the matter. The tech giant did send out a response when they were questioned to speak about the ordeal by CNBC but Meta opted to stay silent and perhaps let its success make the noise.

Did we mention how one of the major reasons for the success linked to Threads is how it's so intertwined with another leading app by Meta, Instagram? All you need to do is signup through a handle on the Instagram platform and be able to have the same number of fans and followers as the app. So that means you’re benefiting from not starting from scratch.

Today, Threads has reached a whopping milestone in terms of users and that’s even more than that seen with ChatGPT from OpenAI. The latter was able to cross the 100 million user mark in two months while Threads did it in just 5 days!

But wait, this is just the start of many more great things. There are plenty of ways to improve further and without any launch being done in the EU region yet, we’re just going to have to wait patiently to see what else the platform has in store.

As per predictions from experts, the app might be able to further enhance its growth with more users and may end up strengthening its position as a true competitor for the Twitter platform.

As expected, the CTO of Twitter, Elon Musk is very concerned and is not missing out on any chance to express how he feels on the matter. He has threatened with a lawsuit and also alleged that the company hired former Twitter workers to gain up on trade secrets. Clearly, both Musk and Zuckerberg are firing big shots and only time can tell who comes out on top.

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