Will Threads Ever Come To The EU? Meta Faces More Hurdles As Users Anticipate Release

The Threads app is blowing up in so many nations across the globe but the same cannot be stated about the EU.

Users in the region are eagerly waiting for the release but by the looks of it, we might be seeing more delays as the tech giant faces more hurdles along the way.

The company says it could take a little while longer because of the list of requirements required for it to make the DMA. The latter is the name given to a regulatory body that is created to protect everyone’s privacy and also give more authority in terms of how data is getting used.

Moreover, let’s not forget how other tech giants are not making Meta’s life easier by displaying a unique type of behavior that is nothing less than a monopoly.

The Digital Markets Act is really a tough cookie to impress and it has always been designed to serve as a true gatekeeper in terms of making sure no corporation gets out of control and ensures users remain guarded at all times.

The ultimate aim seems to be to put an end to large-scale organizations such as Google as well as leading iPhone maker Apple who might be taking the market for granted with their dominating positions and leadership. Their goals have been related to putting their own goods and services as the topmost priority but we won’t deny the fact that tech giant Meta is engaged in similar behavior as well. Remember, Threads is a product of Meta only and hence it’s also derived from Instagram too.

This certainly does end up raising a lot of eyebrows by experts on the matter who stated that a series of investigations are required to ensure authorities from the European Union are happy and satisfied and would give a green light for a release. After all, no one wants to face rejection in a market that’s as great as this.

Meta needs to prove how data sharing will occur between Threads and Instagram and everything needs to be in detail and very transparent. Nevertheless, it also needs to be thoroughly explained with no loopholes in the middle.

So many regulatory bodies in the European Union had launched new rules that make sure people have so many more options in terms of deciding how their data could be used by the apps and how they grant access to it. They also want to make sure there is fairness and equality for everyone out there today. After all, healthy competition is always recommended for the well-being and success of the industry, right?

And when users are in complete control, there’s nothing better than that.

But wait, it’s not just the DMA that Meta needs to impress but also how data is going to be shared between the US and the EU. That is another ballgame altogether. And while it does seem like a lot of successful progress has been made, there’s a lot more worth worrying about.

This is when we saw American President Biden signing a new document that allowed this because, without it, Meta threatened that it would need to keep EU users away from all of its platforms.

Today, Threads is seriously caught in the middle, and until and unless all of these mandatory requirements aren’t fulfilled, we could see it struggling for the launch in the EU. Also, the company has confirmed that there is no timeframe in terms of when or if such hurdles would be met.

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