Threads Expected To Generate Massive Revenue For Meta By 2025 With Estimates Reaching A Whopping $8 Billion

Meta’s Threads have really proven to be a charm for the tech giant as users crossed the 100 million registered users figure.

The latest and most sought-after platform is the newest trend in the market and so far, we’re seeing promising results that have shocked the owners themselves.

The company is expected to generate a massive value of revenue for the company with projected estimates going as high as $8 billion in the next two years, along with 200 million daily active users. But that’s provided the company continues to flourish in the same manner that we’re seeing it take off right now.

It’s a massive flow of cash and one that Mark Zuckerberg would not mind. The news comes to us from expert analysts at Evercore ISI.

So far, things are doing well and the start is great. Did we mention how the platform is a huge rival for fellow app Twitter, which is having a tough time bearing with Meta’s newest launch and success?

Today, the number of registered users has surpassed 100 million and that’s the most we’ve ever seen for any leading app in the social media industry. Just after 5 days, the figures were blowing up and people really liked to see what was on offer.

The latest projections are just a fraction of the average figure for Meta’s yearly income expected for that year but still, the amount is huge and we can understand why people are making a big deal out of it.

Data that was put together by media outlet Bloomberg really did showcase some food for thought related to how the figure compared against popular archrival Twitter. The company was really striving to make it big this year as Musk held on to huge promises and how the app was trying to get back on track after getting a new CEO and bringing back advertisers that left the platform.

In 2022, we saw Twitter earn nearly $5 billion in sales while Meta brought in $117 billion and today, the latter has a user base comprising 3 billion, thanks to its multiple social media apps.

But Twitter is eyeing Threads as one of its biggest competitions because of how similar it really is to the platform and how people would much rather use Threads for posts than Twitter for tweets. We mean to say that Musk is so insecure that he’s even willing to go as far as threatening his rival with legal action for copying.

Now, it’s going to be very intriguing to see if the Threads platform would be able to maintain the massive increase in growth rates that has people so engaged all of the time. Remember, we have to consider the fact that Threads might be a threat to Meta’s own apps and can take over their engagement too. And no one likes that.

Mark Zuckerberg was seen speaking about how his approach to making Threads work is similar to how he wishes to make other apps work. The goal is to attain the one billion figure for users and after that, their goal is solely to figure out monetization.

Did we mention how Facebook’s parent firm is already doing a great job as its shares jumped to more than double in the year 2023? This enabled it to reach a massive high that was not seen in the past 17 months. How’s that a major indicator of success?

Clearly, the company is on a roll and Zuckerberg just might be super lucky to be leading the firm during a time like this.

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