Twitter Blue Subscribers Gain More Perks As App Provides Complete Access To Its Media Studio

From day one, we’ve been hearing so much from billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk about his vision for giving Twitter’s Blue subscribers an array of benefits. And he has always claimed that paying extra would be worth it.

However, the app may have fallen short of its promises and saw people questioning whether or not they should be paying in the first place to attain the blue tick. But today, we’re getting more reports about how the company is giving perks in the form of complete access to its media studio.

Yes, the news is major, and paying subscribers can make the most of the Media Studio that was first rolled out in the year 2016. The latter entails a whole range of management tools to control assets and even a media library where users get the chance to see all of their previously uploaded files including videos and GIFs too.

Similarly, they can benefit from tools designed to stay organized and schedule posts as well, the company adds. And if you’ve been keen on taking on making the most of analytics and elements for production, then you’re in luck because this comes in the media studio’s access as well.

So far, people were barred from getting complete access and only a few lucky ones that hailed from the media industry would be able to use the features. But seeing Musk provide this as a new benefit means saying hello to a new type of Media Studio that will also entail some more attention-grabbing features like tools designed to handle live streams better and also provide more support for video streaming and audio endeavors.

The platform did recently confirm how it was busy trying to design something that was more professional and through things like Studio Connections, it would really see a huge amount of content getting published on the platform.

As we speak, the figure for both vloggers as well content creators keeps on increasing so we can understand why and how such a rollout could be beneficial for the company in terms of gaining more subscribers from all over the world.

In other news, we know about how the app is also carrying out trials for access to its Spaces from a PC too.

Such a rollout is already going to benefit the app because access to the Media Studio means saying hello to content that’s on a whole new level. For now, there is no update on when we’re going to see the access be granted for those who are paying but by the looks of it, Twitter does not want a delay.

As it is, its userbase is declining, ever since the arrival of Meta’s Threads platform which debuted last week and broke so many records.

Hence, we are seeing this as the firm’s major push to really make the most of original content so that it’s shared across the platform.

H/T: @FaustoChou

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