Elon Musk Says Mandatory Twitter Logins Are Only A Temporary Emergency Measure

Tech billionaire Elon Musk has made it a point to clear the air and speak about the mandatory Twitter logins that were required to gain access to the app.

The news caused an outcry across the board and people were certainly not happy about it. If you had an account, you were simply redirected toward a page that called for a login to take place. And if you did not have an account then you were forced to sign up for it.

Either way, people were not loving the news and there was no official statement released by the company as to why such measures were being implemented in the first place. But now, we’re getting more details about how the step is really just a temporary measure so the firm can help fight the issues linked to data pillaging.

Clearly, this is going to be a huge sigh of relief for obvious reasons. Any attempts made to see tweets on the platform were forcing people to log in and if you chose to ignore them, you’d never be allowed to gain access.

Such a decision is a clear example of a restriction that many have on the search endeavor for the app because those who didn’t have accounts wouldn’t have access to search boxes across the Explore tab. After clicking on that, it would bring several login attempts forward so this turned out to be totally unusable for non-members.

This entire ordeal linked to Twitter’s sudden lockdown is a little strange because when the world’s second richest person took over the app, there was a clear eagerness from his side to open up the Search Box and that’s why he ended up hiring George Hotz to perform the tasks. Then we saw tools like ChatGPT arise and it was scrutinized by Musk because he was concerned more about what form of training it received and how.

Elon Musk mentioned on a number of occasions that the company is having trouble in making ends meet financially and so to help generate more revenue on the app, he would be charging a staggering $42k to attain API access. Therefore, if an organization wishes to make use of tweets for the sake of training purposes, they’ll be required to set out some major money for API fees so they can use the information found on the app.

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