Twitter Gives Users Detailed Explanation Of Why It Chose To Limit How Many Posts They Could Read Per Day

Twitter really caused an outcry among its user base across the weekend after it chose to make some serious changes that didn’t sit well with many.

The tech giant shocked the masses when it opted to introduce limits on the number of posts that people could read in a single day. And then it went about further changing those limits, causing Musk to step in and provide a small explanation for the ordeal.

During that moment, tech billionaire Elon Musk stated how such decisions were done keeping in mind the huge rise in data scrapping across its app, and that entailed its systems undergoing manipulation.

But the news did not leave so many people convinced who claimed he was just trying to cover it up. Today, the platform published another post on the same subject such as its business blog where it hoped to make its intentions very clear on why such stringent measures were being taken and what other things people can expect to occur soon.

The post began with how the goal was to make sure that the firm’s user base authenticity was kept as a top priority. Therefore, Twitter has zero room for bots, spam, as well as threat actors who continue to do nothing but harm to the network. And when asked why people were not provided with any heads up, well, Twitter says it would have given such bad actors enough time to change their behavior so they would no longer get detected.

Such posts are a clear indication of what goes on behind the scene when it comes to data scraping for apps like Twitter that make use of AI models. At the same time, it also confirmed how bots were tricking people and having chats on the app in a manner that would go unnoticed by the system. But the firm failed to highlight which firms were responsible for making use of such bots to gain their own benefits.

In the same way, the blog went about confirming how the latest limits for users in terms of how many posts they can read in a day were solely impacting a small fraction of those on the app. Similarly, it had a tiny impact on the whole advertising platform. Moreover, by the looks of it, the post seems to be hinting at how things might be going back to the usual and when that happens, Twitter vowed to again provide more updates as it’s currently doing just that.

The company opted to end the matter on a high by adding how deeply involved it has become in terms of making the platform a place for all to enjoy and make the most of. And while nobody likes such abrupt changes, it’s often necessary to take a break and slow down if you wish to make progress in the long run.

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